PTA Nominations & Elections Timeline

  1. The Nominating Committee shall be elected at an Association Meeting in January or February. The committee is not appointed/elected by the Board.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall be elected at least two months prior to the annual election meeting (check your Bylaws for the date of your annual election meeting).
  3. The Nominating Committee is usually composed of 3 members with 1 alternate, all of whom must be members of your PTA association (check your Bylaws). The principal may serve as an elected member of the committee or in an advisory capacity. The president shall not serve ex officio or be elected to this committee or be influential in the nominating/election process.
  4. Notes:
    • All positions are open and must be advertised to all parents as available. The current board may not “cherry-pick” the positions they want.
    • No one may serve more than two consecutive years in any position.
    • All Nominating Committee discussions are confidential.
  5. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be submitted to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election meeting. (this may be done at an Association Meeting or by newsletter or by posting the list somewhere on the school grounds such as the office window or by some other means of communication)
  6. Schedule an Association Meeting to hold elections (check your Bylaws). The president conducts the elections. Remember to call for additional nominations from the floor.
  7. Newly elected officers officially take office on July 1st, but may begin holding Planning Meetings as soon as they are elected.

Nominating Committee Letter to Parents (LINK)

Sample Letter to Nominating Committee

More information regarding Nominations and Elections can be found in your Bylaws and on the California State PTA website