Bylaw Review Process

  1. The president appoints a bylaws review committee to be chaired by the parliamentarian.
  2. The committee reviews the current bylaws to see if any changes are necessary and prepares a detailed list of proposed changes.
  3. Changes are presented at a Board Meeting. The executive board discusses, then votes.
  4. If approved, Unit Parliamentarian makes the approved changes on the e-bylaw program (see Unit Parliamentarian then prepares a bylaws package and forwards it to the District Parliamentarian (see bylaws package instructions).
  5. District Parliamentarian reviews changes. If approved, bylaws are forwarded on to State PTA Parliamentarian.
  6. State Parliamentarian reviews, makes changes (if any), signs and then sends bylaws back to District Parliamentarian.
  7. District Parliamentarian sends State PTA approved bylaws back to unit PTA.
  8. Upon receipt of the state-approved bylaws, unit PTA must send notification to all members of the proposed bylaw changes at least 30 days prior to an association meeting where they will be presented for adoption. (Unit must send list of all bylaw changes to members.)
  9. At the association meeting, a two-thirds vote is required to adopt the changes (amendments).
  10. After the association adopts the amendments, the secretary signs and dates the master set of the new bylaws, which is kept by the secretary. The new bylaws are now in effect.
  11. Make copies for all Executive Board Members. Unit Parliamentarian sends copy of signed last page to District Parliamentarian.

Submitting Your Revised Bylaws for District Approval

After you have finished making changes to your e-bylaws, this is what your District Parliamentarian needs:

  1. An original, back-to-back set of Bylaws (the “wet” copy if they are handwritten, or the first printed back-to-back copy of e-Bylaws with any hand-written changes in wet ink).
  2. One duplicate back-to-back copy (not “wet”) of the Bylaws.
    (This means you are sending the District Parliamentarian a total of two (2) back-to-back copies of your Bylaws).
  3. Four (4) additional copies of the signature page; printed front and back. Remember, your Secretary does NOT sign your Bylaws at this time.
  4. Page two (2) of the Bylaws submittal form.  Or create your own list of the changes you have made from your old Bylaws. The list should include: the proposed change, the Article #, the Section # and the Page # where the change can be located.

You should make one copy for your unit parliamentarian (or president) to keep. The State Parliamentarian does not recommend that the unit make additional copies until they have gone up through channels, just in case there are other changes that have to be made before your Association adopts the new Bylaws.

Send the packet to:
22nd District Parliamentarian
P.O. Box 6039
Eureka, CA  95502

When Your State PTA Bylaws are returned to you

  1. The membership must be notified of the proposed changes for a minimum of 30 days prior to the Association Meeting where members will vote to adopt the bylaws.
  2. At the conclusion of the Association Meeting where the bylaws are adopted, the secretary should sign and date all copies of the signature page as well as the original set of the new bylaws.
  3. When this process is complete, this new set of bylaws will be the current legal governing document for the Association.
  4. One copy of the signature page showing all signatures and the date adopted should be forwarded to the District PTA for their records.

Send copy of signed signature page to:
22nd District Parliamentarian
P.O. Box 6039
Eureka, CA  95502

  1. Make copies of the newly adopted Bylaws for your Board Members as needed. The Secretary and Treasurer MUST have hard copies in their binders.

“Change of Status” Procedure

  1. What is “Change of Status? If a unit is changing any of the following, it is considered a “Change of Status.”
    • your PTA unit name
    • your District
    • your mailing address
    • your fiscal year dates (all of  22nd District units are on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year)
    • grades served at your school(s)
    • your EIN number (Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number)
    • your FTB number (Franchise Tax Board)
    • your CT number (California State Office of the Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Number)
    • your corporate number if your unit is individually incorporated
  2. All requests for a “Change of Status” must go to your District Parliamentarian. DO NOT send a request direct to State PTA. You do not need to fill out a form. Just email your request to your District Parliamentarian and she will fill out a “Change of Status” form and send it on to the appropriate State PTA person.
  3. The above information can only be changed at the State PTA level.
  4. Most of this information is in your Bylaws. For those of you who are working on revising your Bylaws and noticing that you can’t change this information on your e-bylaws, don’t worry. When you submit the hard copies of your revised Bylaws to your District Parliamentarian, just line out the changes. State PTA will make the changes on-line.