Types of PTA Meetings


The association is the voting body for all action taken, including adopting bylaws, adopting the program and the budget for the year, electing the nominating committee, electing officers and approving all contracts to be signed and all expenditures.

Executive Board

The PTA executive board consists of the elected and appointed officers, the principal, the teacher representative and standing committee chairmen. The executive board meets monthly to handle the transaction of necessary and detailed business between meetings of the association. The executive board is responsible for accepting and studying recommendations to be presented to the association for approval. The bylaws provide details about the executive board’s responsibilities. Sample Agenda (LINK)

Guests may be invited to attend an executive board meeting as well as a meeting of the membership. A courtesy seat is granted by the president to the guests present. A guest may bring information to be shared with the group. However, guests do not participate in discussion or voting.


A committee may be a standing committee with regular, ongoing responsibilities during the PTA year or it may be a special committee organized for a short-term activity only.


The meetings of each PTA group should be preserved through the recording of minutes. Each group’s meeting is different and different minutes are required. The executive board meeting cannot be combined with the association meeting.