Sustainable PTAs…

sustainable-clipart…celebrate what was successful after each PTA event. Personally and publically thank your volunteers and attendees. Communicate the result(s) of the event.

…make Board Meetings fun while accomplishing the work. Your time as a PTA Board Member should be one that establishes good memories. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes amongst yourselves for a job well done.

…don’t complain about how hard a PTA Board job is. If from the outside it looks like your Board Member experience is all drudgery, who would want to take on your job? You want people to say, “Wow! I want to be a part of that group!”

…make sure that their non-profit PTA has a Mission Statement and yearly Goals that clearly communicate the PTA’s purpose. Publicize it. If parents and staff do not know why your PTA exists, why would they volunteer to serve on the Board?

…actively and consistently make personal contact with PTA members, parents and staff. Every PTA board member is an ambassador for your PTA. Personal contact is your #1 recruitment tool.

…create a brief Marketing or Public Relations plan. It should clearly state what information is going to be communicated to parents and staff, how it will be communicated and who is responsible for doing it. If you don’t communicate to parents and staff, how will they know how great your PTA is?

…carefully plan their Calendar to include a variety of activities spaced throughout the year so as not to overburden anyone. Be willing to abandon less successful activities as well as PTA “traditions.”

…carefully plan their Budget to be realistic and achievable without over-promising. Refer to Mission Statement and Goals.

And last, but by no means least: Follow PTA rules and policies.