Membership Basics

It is important to note that membership is the responsibility of your entire PTA Board. That said, each unit should have a person that is responsible for leadership in this area. This position is either an appointed position (Membership Chairperson) or elected (Vice President Membership.) A job description outlining responsibilities for these positions can be found at:

The Membership VP/Chairman is responsible for developing a plan and doing the following:Apple School

  • setting membership goals
  • development of a marketing plan
  • presentation of membership events to be calendared
  • submitting a budget to support membership
  • implementation and evaluation of your plan

Membership plans must be approved by your unit Executive Board.

Official membership cards should be issued to all paid members. Traditional cardstock membership cards for this purpose can be obtained through your 22nd District Membership VP. Cards should have the PTA Unit ID (this is your National PTA Unit Number) and your unit name printed on them. There is a template to print this information onto cards at The template download can be found at: Electronic cards are also available for your members at the CAPTA website if your unit elects to use them.

Membership envelopes are available from your 22nd District Membership VP at a cost of 3 cents each.

A portion of your membership ($4.74 each membership) should be submitted to the 22nd District PTA Treasurer. Membership per capita should be submitted to the District monthly.

Membership Deadlines

Ready, Set…..Remit! Award deadline is October 15th. You must turn in 30 memberships to District to qualify.

Teachers Matter Award application is due by February 2nd. 100% teacher participation earns a free convention registration.

Coming Soon….

This year’s Membership Challenge numbers from State PTA