Marketing Your PTA

The best approach for marketing your PTA is to make it personal for families. Let them know that their involvement will really help to make a difference locally. There is a great “Messaging That Works” reference sheet that can be found at:

This flyer emphasizes that:

  • Joining PTA is a great way to support my school.
  • PTA membership shows my children that I care about their education.
  • My PTA membership helps support valuable enrichment and programs that my school otherwise could not afford.

The best membership campaigns are organized and involve fun events. If you are new at this position, or looking to gain more basic ideas, a video is available from CAPTA that outlines easy steps for building PTA membership. That video can be found at:

Once you have established what you want to say and have calendared events, you then have the challenge of getting your message home to families. That messaging can be sent in many forms. You could………

  • ask your site Principal to included PTA events on their school marquee or in their school newsletter/bulletin
  • send home event fliers……….create one of your own, or there is a customizable flyer ready for you to modify and use at:
  • use digital media………many sites have Unit PTA Facebook pages that allow quick access to information in virtually real time if the page is maintained properly