Insurance Information

High quality, group-rate insurance for all PTAs available at an exclusively low rate is one of the greatest advantages of being a PTA. It protects your association from risk and saves hundreds of dollars annually.

As a protection for all unit, council and district PTAs, the California State PTA has contracted for:

  • GENERAL LIABILITY: covers all units when involved in allowable PTA activities.
  • DIRECTORS & OFFICERS LIABILITY: covers all unit PTA officers.
  • BONDING: covers all unit PTAs, and all personnel handling funds and PTA assets.
  • WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: the state of California Workers’ Compensation Law requires coverage of the PTA’s employees and those persons who are considered to be employees.

The Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide is mailed to the unit PTA President in November. All PTAs are required to participate in the insurance programs of the California State PTA. Premiums are due to the District Treasurer by December 5th.

Please contact BB&T Insurance Services of CA, Inc. at 800-733-3036 or email with questions regarding insurance coverage or activities and events. Some PTAs require additional bonding insurance, which can be purchased directly from BB&T Insurance.

BB&T Insurance has a special website for PTA members. Answers to frequently asked questions, application for increased bonding coverage and events planning pages from the Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide can be found at, or you may access the site directly through the California State PTA website link. Username and password may be obtained from your unit president.

Know your
RED   YELLOW   GREEN   Lights!

RED Light – Prohibited Activities/Events
YELLOW Light – Has Conditions
GREEN LIGHT – Approved

The Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide is available online at,
or through the California State PTA website at

It is also updated and mailed to all unit PTA presidents in November of each year.